February 20th GFHS Meeting

10am Saturday February 20
Speaker: Rick Abrahamson, UMC Horticulture Instructor
Topic: “Woody Plants in the Landscape, What You Should Know” and Woody Plants Jeopardy


Woody plants in the landscape require more care than “just set it and forget it”.  Just like herbaceous plants they should be maintained for optimal growth and health.  Proper planting, watering, fertilization, pruning, and winter needs are important to make sure your woody plants look their best all year long.  This talk will highlight these areas and other to provide homeowners tips to help you have the best looking plantings in the neighborhood.

  • Door prizes
  • Refreshments
  • Everyone welcome!

More information about the meeting can be found at the event page.


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Let me tell you ’bout the Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees

April 9, 2016

Headline Speaker: Cole Burrell

Cole Burrell is an acclaimed lecturer, garden designer, award winning author and photographer. A certified chlorophyll addict, Cole is an avid and lifelong plantsman, gardener and naturalist, and is a popular lecturer internationally on topics of design, plants and ecology. He has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of plants and his abiding respect for regional landscapes with professional and amateur audiences for 35 years.

He also leads tours internationally and has written several books.

In addition there is a whole list of break out speakers who will teach you everything from attracting birds and butterflies to making wine.

  • Pre-registration required
  • Nonrefundable earlybird fee of $40 if registered online or postmarked by Wednesday, March 23
  • Registration fee after March 23 is $50
  • Fee includes lunch and breaks
  • Free parking

Further information about the event as well as online registration can be found at www.gardeningsaturday.info.

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